Car Inspection: Lemon Protector vs. Auto Mechanics and Repair Shops

Read why Lemon Protector is the better choice

While good mechanics are skilled at repairing automotive issues, they are not always the best choice for pre-purchase used car inspections.

Used Car Inspection Experts - That's All We Do

Mechanics spend most of their time repairing specific problems after they arise. Evaluating entire vehicles is typically a small part of their business.

Lemon Protector has specific expertise in used car inspections - that's all we do, day in and day out. We find things that mechanics fail to notice. We have a proven system to thoroughly inspect the entire vehicle and help you make the right decision about the car. Plus, we provide you with a detailed report, free title search and vehicle history report and free book value appraisal.

Get an Unbiased Evaluation

While many mechanics and service shops are reputable and honest, there are some that are a little less trustworthy - who may be a little less motivated to do a thorough inspection. After all, if you purchase a vehicle with problems, they stand to gain by doing the repairs.

With Lemon Protector you can be confident that you are getting a full inspection with reliable information. Our only interest is to provide you with complete information so you can make an informed decision. Our business relies on our reputation and referrals from satisfied customers.

More Convenient

Most mechanics will expect you to bring the vehicle to their shop. It can be difficult to coordinate with the vehicle's seller to meet you at your mechanic and it can be challenging to find a reliable mechanic that's close to the vehicle's location. Our service area includes New York City and its suburbs, including Quuens, Long Island, Northern and Central New Jersey and Southern Connecticut (see our service area.)

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