With The Actual Vehicle Inspector

An Important Feature Of Our Inspection Service

The technician who inspects the vehicle will call you immediately after the inspection to review results, discuss any problem areas and answer all of your questions. It's like having your own personal technician.

Lemon Protector is the only inspection service in the area that provides this valuable service.

It's Vital To Speak To The Inspector.

Here Are Some Reasons Why:

The ONLY Inspection Where You Talk To The Inspector

Lemon Protector is the only used car inspection service in the area that allows you to speak to the actual inspector who inspected the vehicle after the inspection. Our competitors do not offer this valuable service.

Your Very Own Personal Technician

The personal touch is extremely helpful with important matters. Think about it: If you go to a doctor to diagnose a medical problem you wouldn't be satisfied with just a written report. You would insist on speaking to the doctor to discuss the results, understand your options and ask questions. The same holds true for evaluating a used car before buying it.

Know Exactly What You're Getting Before You Buy

When you buy a used car, you need to have it thoroughly checked to make sure you're not buying someone else's headache. We do a complete 450-point inspection that evaluates the entire vehicle so you know about any hidden problems before you make an offer on the car.


"I was very pleased with the car inspection that you did. The technician was professional and did a full inspection. The best part was that the technician explained the results, was really patient and answered all my questions. I felt more at ease buying the car." - Susan C., Bloomfield NJ

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