Benefits Of Our Car Inspections

Before you buy a used car, get a pre-purchase inspection from Lemon Protector and enjoy the benefits


  1. Steer Clear of Lemons - We uncover problems before you buy so you can avoid getting ripped off and purchase the right car.
  2. Buy With Confidence - Our inspection helps you make informed decisions. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes the knowledge that you are buying a great car that has been properly inspected.
  3. Save Time and Money - Avoid costly repairs and wasted time in repair shops. By doing a pre-purchase car inspection you improve your ability to negotiate with the seller and make sure that you are paying the right price.
  4. Your Own Personal Advisor - Our objective is to provide you with the information that you need to make the right decision. We offer honest and unbiased inspections along with valuable guidance.
  5. Fraud Protection - We know how to uncover hidden problems, unreported accidents, odometer tampering, chassis damage and intentional cover ups.
  6. Get A Great Car - Used cars offer tremendous value. You can get a great deal on an amazing car if you're diligent about checking the car out before buying.
  7. CARFAX Is Not Enough - CARFAX information is limited and may be incomplete and inaccurate. There is no substitute for a full auto inspection that checks the current state of the vehicle.
  8. Peace Of Mind - In addition to pre-purchase evaluations, Lemon Protector inspections can put you at ease for the following applications:
    • Expiring Warranties - Fix problems before the warranty ends.
    • Protect Your Child - Identify issues before giving a car to your child or before they head to college.
  9. Turning Lemons Into Lemonade - We inspect the entire vehicle and identify needed repairs along with an estimate of the repair cost. Armed with this information, you have the potential to negotiate a great deal and bring the car to a reliable state.

Avoid Costly Repairs

Avoid costly repairs by having our professionals inspect your vehicle before purchase. Some problems and repair costs from recent car inspections:

Complete Car Inspections

We check the entire car - engine, all systems, interior and exterior. We provide you with a complete report that identifies the positive and negative aspects of the car.

Over 25 years of Experience

Years of experience has helped make us experts at finding problems that are often overlooked.

Inspections In NY, NJ and CT

We service the metro NY area and offer used car inspections in Long Island (Nassau and Suffolk), Queens, Manhattan, Northern and Central NJ and Southern CT. See complete details of our service area.

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